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Source Unknown

When it comes to knowing your true self, believe in free will

… “Our findings suggest that part of being who you are is experiencing a sense of agency and feeling like you are in control over the actions and outcomes in your life,” says [Elizabeth] Seto. “If people are able to experience these feelings, they can become closer to their true or core self.”

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clinging jellyfish
photo from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

An Unwelcomed Tourist Arrives in New Jersey: Clinging Jellyfish

… While most recreational swimmers at beaches in New Jersey and northward are unlikely to get stung by this particular ocean creature, all of the scientists stressed that its sting can be particularly painful, which is why appearances often make the news.

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the psychology of writing
The Psychology of Writing

The Psychology of Writing and the Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Routine

… A key component of [Boice’s] program is the rearranging of the writing environment. He recommends that the writer “establish one or a few regular places in which you do all serious writing” and “nothing but serious writing; other writing (e.g., correspondence) would be carried out elsewhere.” Boice insists that magazines, novels, and other nonessential reading material be banned, social interactions minimized or eliminated, and cleaning and straightening up of the place delayed until a writing session is completed. By following these recommendations, the writer creates a space solely to think and write, avoiding extraneous activities. This space, therefore, becomes associated with all the mental products of creating meaning and can then serve as a unique retrieval cue for those products

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climbing getty images
Image from Getty Images

The Limits of “Grit”

… Not just Duckworth’s research but the entire process feels tautological: we will decide what elements of “character” are essential to success, and we will inculcate these attributes in children, measuring and grading the children accordingly, and shutting down, as collateral damage, many other attributes of character and many children as well. Among other things, we will give up the sentimental notion that one of the cardinal functions of education is to bring out the individual nature of every child.

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Source Unknown

What Do The Brexit Movement and Donald Trump Have in Common?

… Trump and his counterpart in Britain, the U.K. Independence Party (ukip) leader Nigel Farage, didn’t emerge from nowhere. Both are wealthy men who affect an affinity with the common people, and who have skillfully exploited a deep well of resentment among working-class and middle-class voters, some of whom have traditionally supported left-of-center parties. Certainly, a parallel factor in both men’s rise is racism, or, more specifically, nativism.

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