Monday Musings: Accept Things

I’ve had a pretty off day. (more…)


On the Eve of My 32nd Year

In my previous post I touched on thinking of the imagination not as a tool, but as a work space where I am free to create. I don’t mean the creation of fantastical things, as such. Rather, to come up with different ways or perspectives of looking at my life. In this way, I mean to create realities. (more…)

Monday Musings: Our imaginations

I firmly believe that reality resides, first and foremost, in the mind. If we take a moment to think about all the experiences we’ve ever had – our upbringing, all the people we’ve met, all the movies we’ve watched, all the books we’ve read, all the novel situations we’ve taken part in, and our memories of all of these things – we’ll soon realize that these are the raw materials that form our identity. And it is with our unique perspectives, informed by our personal histories, that we have the ability to create the reality within which we find ourselves. For me, reality making is the work of the imagination. (more…)